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Reply to "Cost Of N.J. Travel Baseball"

old_school posted:
Francis7 posted:

That's the rub. We (both my son and myself) feel that the group he's aligned with is a perfect fit in terms of instruction and culture. We've been at other places and feel that no one else offers what we're getting there. Also, the facility is located where it's not a hardship for us to get there several times a week during off-season training.

what is the rub? maybe you are paying a hair on the side but...and this is a big but - your son is comfortable and your opinions are "it is a perfect fit" plus it appears to be convenient for you to get there hmmmm

listen I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion but what you described for what your thoughts are on the program it seems like a good fit. You move somewhere else, drive farther, not be as satisfied and save 400 bucks - I hope the sarcasm is clear there. 

if your son is any good and you live in the NJ market this amount of money is not going to be overly relevant to the overall cost of what you are going to spend.

Yeah, I think this is key... good fit in terms of instruction, culture, comfort, convenience... already compared to other local alternatives... if it's in the budget, sounds like a great option for now. 

Similar question came to mind for me as others, though... you said he pays extra for facility use during off season.  How about during the season in question?  Can he make use of it other than the one day a week practice?  That would be the clear value add that would make it a no-brainer from a value standpoint.

Your breakdown is probably pretty accurate.  You can probably shop and find non-academy/facility related options that are a bit cheaper but you'd have to weigh the cost benefits each way.

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