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Reply to "Cost Of N.J. Travel Baseball"

Both my sons played for an academy team that is a high end organization in both quality and college connections midatlantic region. We played at the same places as Frances7 I would assume - Diamond Nation, PG, Baseball Heaven, Maple Zone, Dynamic  -  well respected organization

Winter training 2x per week - 5-1 player coach ration - 550.00

Summer - coaches, 8 tournaments, one showcase, 2x week practice 1600.00

Fall - 5 tournaments, 2x week practice - 1100.00

Uni with pants and hat was 100 or something.

Individual lessons extra if you wanted them, you could always schedule time indoors to work alone of with other players with short notice unless something odd was going 7 days a week.

So basically for $3,300.00 you had 9 months of baseball / training 2x a week or more depending the time of year.

This was not cheap nor was it the top of the price point. It was high quality and worth the money IMO.