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Reply to "D2 Schools"


have you any game films from your son team? This would exhibit the ability of players playing D - 2 baseball. During my active days I coached the SSU team and later was the hitting coach.

With the number of players it is difficult to develop players except for "fine tuning".

Coach John [now over 1200 victories] allow me freedom to be creative.

1.Opportunity to developed 2 fast running players into switch hitters'

2. When the game started I named two possible "pinch hitters" to join me in the batting cage to prepare for their role. One left handed and one right handed batters

We discuss their possible situation when they entered the game and what pitch to expect at the plate and the reputation of the umpire to change the "strike" zone when they batted. Also reminded each of the wind change at 3 PM and the arm strength of the OF and infielders. "To prepare is to develop"