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Reply to "Do Scouts value HS baseball enough for a player to toil In a bad program"

Smitty28 posted:
Robrod posted:

I have a son (2020 year) who has had private hitting/fielding/pitching coaches for many years.  Some free, some not... but all are top notch.  These are men who have played Major League Baseball, each for several years and one has even coached at that level.  They teach baseball 'the right way' and are often hitting/pitching/fielding coordinators still employed by MLB organizations for Rookie, winter and spring pro ball. 

He plays Travel ball for a highly regarded Pro Scout team and is on some scout watch lists (whatever that means).   So he's talented but I have no delusions that he'll be an early round draft candidate but he does have interest from D1s...... Problem is, his high school program is simply not very good.  He recently stated that this is his last year playing HS Baseball and that he'd rather spend the time working with coaches, getting stronger and refining skills for his 'real' season (travel ball - perfectgame, prospectwire, USA Baseball etc.).  I won't get to details but lets just say he's not challenged by the program and it's like taking two steps forward (summer) and one step back (HS).  

I'm concerned by his statement.  I don't want him to be labelled a quiter (although he won't be quiting mid-season, he'll stick it out) or arrogant $#@! who's thinks his stuff don't stink.  I don't want scouts and recruiters looking down on him for this decision...   I come from an era where you stick it out, go the traditional route, etc.  Even though I really don't know the traditional route....  So I'm having an open mind.

What are the pitfalls of taking this route?

What are the alternatives?  It seems to me that HS baseball is necessary.

Please advise.




To me, the bolded statement is the real issue.  He's got to figure out how not to take a step back in the spring due to the weak HS program.  The best way, IMO, is for him to own the process of getting better and not place blame on the HS program.  Be the hardest worker during HS practice and take the opportunity to be a leader.  Continue to work out with his hitting coach and fielding coach in the evenings (if need be, put your foot down with the HS coach on this point, rather than quit).  Hit the weight room during lunch a couple times a week - continue to get bigger and stronger.  Do yoga on the weekend.  Work on speed.  The one area that he'll need to adjust in the summer is hitting the better pitching - it may take a few games to get his timing down but he'll be fine.

 A lot of high school programs are "easier" than travel programs.  HS teachers/coaches can't be hard a###s anymore.  

And unless they play even worse competition, they will have their opportunities.  My kid has faced several D1 pitchers at the high school level.  It keeps you sharp.