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Reply to "Do Scouts value HS baseball enough for a player to toil In a bad program"

Golfman25 posted:
bacdorslider posted:

I would have rather-ed PG start a league in the spring with 8 teams playing at Lake Point than to play HS baseball.  HS baseball had it's place in the past.  As others have said the trend is for the more advanced player to get into soccer club, Baseball Academy  and so on.  Every tries to deal with HS baseball because the season is short. it's become a necessary evil for some players. And before everyone gets their nose out of joint removing the elite player   actually would make high school baseball what it should be a fun school activity.

Now I will give you the playing for your school, friends, city etc.... But for most elite players coming from populated areas, and having played travel ball since birth, the feelings are just not as strong for that as it might have been in the past.

There is no way that an elite player can get better playing HS baseball.  He is only making the others better and opening himself up for injury.   We  have them play travel ball in the summer for competition, the best they can play against and then bring them right back to mediocrity.  

I have literally heard 2018's HS coach tell parents in a parent meeting that travel ball is a big waste of money .

It's no one's fault really... just the separation within the  sport.

Tell that to my friends who unexpectedly won the state championship 

I have no idea what that statement is supposed to mean.... tell your friends what?  Every year some team is going to win the state championship in all levels, in all states , in all sports..... Its great to win...