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Reply to "Do Scouts value HS baseball enough for a player to toil In a bad program"


Paying big $$ to play for teams attending big events means zip, if you don't understand how to maneuver/market Johnny before, during, and after the events. 

The youth sports industry focuses on their clients: PARENTS

Recruiters and Scouts are looking for ATHELETES. 

Pay $$ for DEVELOPMENT of skills, SAT prep, Baseball Etiquette.

My wife and I guide families (no fees) through the process based on a request of our Johnny, who noticed the fall off of good players as he advanced. 

We're in the NE which has its weather challenges and baseball was a tircheary sport for him.

We had no guide and attended strategic events starting in the Summer of his Sophomore year. 

Networked him on to higher level tournament teams with minimal cost ($1,000-$1,500) per Summer for 2 teams. Used 1.5 months of vacation during Junior Summer.

Johnny didn't play for the $3,500 local (travel/tourney) teams because they weren't getting good draws at events ( followed the teams on line 2 years prior). Also noticed where local players attended College (as fans mostly). 

Parents/advisors: you have one client. If you are following the local heard and find yourself chirping about what your doing with Johnny with other parents, you're probably going to miss opportunities within your grasp.

1) Attend a weekend home series of any College your interested in. Alternately, stay local at the same level and go during the week to see the practice regimen, coach interaction, player ethic.

2) Focus on Development and play indicidual sports that use different muscles and feed hand/eye. Squash, tennis, ping pong, bowling. Plus, it's fun to do away from the game when traveling.

3) PM for more thoughts that differ from the norm.

For the Record: Our Johnny attended D1-SEC and was drafted high and is now in 2 minor league season. Position player that was not recruited by any other College and played Ice Hockey as primary sport until Sophomore year.

And yes, he played for his HS team with Gaels of 30 mph, temporary back stop, no stands, and Fog in Rhode Island.

Every now and then his HS pals are on Snapchat in the stands and after his games in the SEC and Midwest.

HS baseball- Important for all of the reasons mentioned through this thread. 

Its our past-time for goodness sake