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Reply to "Early Commitments at Son's Dream School"

knownothingdad posted:

My son is a 2022 LHP/OF who has recently identified his dream school (D1 P5 program).  I checked a popular website that tracks college baseball commitments, and the site shows that there are already EIGHT 2022 VERBAL COMMITMENTS for this school.  That's 3/4 of the recruiting class!  So, I have a few questions for the group...

1. Can this be true? How accurate are these sites and how do they get their information?

2. Has my son missed the boat (or at least 3/4 of the boat) on getting recruited at this school? Will he need to rely on some of these kids getting drafted or de-committing?

3. If he wants to go to this school, will he have to commit during his sophomore year to have a chance of going there?

4. Aren't the new rules about coaches contacting players supposed to prevent pressuring kids to commit when they're 14 or 15 years old?

5. Should he try to get in front of this program's coaches any sooner than this summer?

As for questions...

1. Yes it's true, or very close to being true at least. The commitments are self reported but are probably closer to 100% than 90% accurate. Since they are self reported, there are plenty of kids who never bother to add the commitment meaning there are probably another one or two commits not listed. At 2019s P5, there are 10 listed on PG when 13 signed. 

2. No he hasn't missed the boat but the coaches have what they expect to be the meat of their class - the studs. They're looking to add guys in spots where they may need them, not fill the class per say. They have all next summer to add more guys but really it'll be more fine tuning than anything. They are definitely closer to being done than getting started. Draft is in June of senior year either way so I wouldn't worry about the draft so much. 

3. Can't commit without an offer. 

4. Yes but there are plenty of ways around them. As for the pressure, kids can say thanks but I'd rather wait another year.

5. No, not really. Coaches aren't doing any serious recruiting from now until June. They are all in on their current teams