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Reply to "Early Recruit Signing"

CaCO3Girl posted:
Redsdad posted:

I like this portion of what you said "...don't really want him caught up in the hype of the PBR or PG rankings, recruiting sites etc"

Truth is many good players never get ranked simply because they don't attend PBR or PG events.  How can someone really say "Player X is the number one player in Virginia".  That statement can in no way be validated unless every baseball player in Virginia was assessed.  What I wonder is how many players go onto to the next level without ever attending one of those events.  I can tell you our small/young organization has assisted 17 players move on over the past two years; none of those players participated in any PG events and very few went to PBR's.

In the end, those players moved on because of their talent, hard work, and relationships involved across the process.

In short, there is no need to ever get caught up in the "hype" plenty of players move on without it.   

Redsdad....the OP's son doesn't just want to play at the next level, he wants to play D1.  While I agree 100% it is entirely possible to move onto playing baseball in college without attending a PBR/PG event I'm just not certain how many players can move onto playing D1 without attending ANY of these events.

Out of the 17 players your organization assisted, how many went D1?

I wasn't going to bite on the question but the curious side of me is pushing me to do so; I suspect any response in reply to the aforementioned numer is headed in only one direction...we have had two DI commits with the rest being DII and DIII; #18 committed to a DIII school last night.