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Reply to "Exit Velo during BP?"

Trust In Him posted:

Something I found:

So I Measured my Exit Velocity, NOW WHAT? (Average exit velocity by age)


Now that you know your exit velocity, you can see where you sit among your peers. 

Here’s the breakdown of what is considered an exceptional exit velocity among each age group:

  • Ages 8-10:  55-65 mph
  • Ages 11-13: 60-70 mph
  • Ages 14-15: 75-80 mph
  • Ages 15-16 (High School JV): 80 mph aluminum/ 75 mph wood
  • Age 16-18 (High School Varsity): 90 mph aluminum/ 85 mph wood
  • Collegiate: 95 mph aluminum/ 90 mph wood
  • Professional: 100 mph +  wood 


Interesting, but this doesn't paint the whole picture. First, who is categorizing these exit velos with the level of play, because there are quite a few guys in the MLB currently who, by this chart, would be somewhere between JV and Varsity ball players. Just saying, this needs context.

Is this average exit velo or maximum exit velo? For many batters, the difference between average and maximum is 20-25 MPH, sometime more. That is a pretty sizeable difference, and no disrespect to anyone on here posting their 15 year old's 95 mph exit velo, but my guess is their average exit velo is probably between 70-75, putting that kid right where he should be for his age.

The thing about exit velos as measured at showcases and in the back yard is that those are what my son calls "daddy hacks." There is little barrel control, form and mechanics go to crap, and the only thing the player is trying to do is put up a big number. Like a carnival game where you hit the hammer and try to ring the bell.


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