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Reply to "Expectations for mid-sized HS baseball program?"

Goosegg posted:

Big school, small school and in-between, development is on the player. 

Find good personal trainers (budget allowing), physical and baseball.

Sit on his academics - they will be as important to his chances as baseball. Meet with guidance counselor as early as you can get an appointment so the family can get to understand the college selection process (most rigorous cirriculum, rigorous, etc. levels and their meanings). Also, take in a few local college games so you'll can get a feel of the level of play needed and visit lots of various college campuses to get feels for different types.

Dont worry about size. Mine (LHP) was 5"3ish and 125 lbs heading into HS; some of his earlier blooming friends were seemingly twice his size. You cant control that; you can control grades and hard daily baseball related work.

Also, welcome to the site.


This all makes sense to me. He is 5' 3" and 105 lbs BTW so any kind of (age-appropriate) physical conditioning he does has a big impact. At age 12 1/2, when he first got into calisthenics, he worked really hard at it for about 3 months. He gained 5 pounds and his velocity went up 5 MPH. Since then he has been inconsistent with calisthenics and his gains in velocity (inconsistent) have reflected that.

We would emphasize academics regardless. Neither my wife nor I grew up in sports families - was music/academics for both of us. So academics comes before sports in our family.