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Reply to "Free Bases"

@adbono posted:

So you are a fan of free basing? That would explain a lot ! 😂


Well, the post you grabbed is incorrect about Stolen Bases being free.  Some that show up in the scorebook are free, but a legit stolen base is earned by the offence.

Also, as to errors -- that's not specific enough. Some errors are going to happen, but most that contribute to a "Free Ninety" (that's one HS Dugout cheer I don't miss) are mental, from lack of preparation, or just plain stupid.  If you want to eliminate free bases, you have to work on stuff like:

- No backpicks at 1B unless C and 1B are both very solid. No back-picks at 3B period.

- Practice 2B picks until you've got it perfect or don't do it.

- teach 1B to throw to 2B reliably when working with LHP

- with men on base teach IF's to hold a slow roller or a ball in the hole if they don't have a play.

- teach OF's to hit the cutoff

- teach C's to call for the cut in time

- practice bunt coverages until it's dark