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Game Day Pitching Routine


My son(2020), age 14 this past March, is playing 14u this season and this is his first year where he will be a starting pitcher.  He started playing baseball at age 10 through local in-house leagues, joined a "travel" team at age 13, that was a slight step above.  He has pitched some over the years, but never more than an inning here or there, sometimes two, nothing consistent.  I'd say he has likely not pitched more than 20 innings in one season, and that was age 12 I believe.

He has a goal to play in HS, and has made strides each year where I think this is possible, and have been told by others that they think so.  He is a bigger kid, 6'1" 155-160 lbs or so, and I know some may be giving him a benefit of the doubt due to that.  

He enjoys pitching and has been working hard, and I spend a lot of time reading, trying to learn, etc.  His team/training academy place generally follows Wolforth in what they do, and that's what he follows, and he has used Driveline protocols as well.  In addition to his baseball training, he also works out with a trainer for strength, which has helped a ton, as he was always a bit awkward, but the strength has really made a difference in his athleticism.  He is not some stud prodigy, throws in the low 70's, 71-72 off the mound, not sure how consistent that speed is, and still working on command, secondary pitches, etc., in other words, pretty green.

Being a starting pitcher is new to him, expected to pitch on a weekly basis 1-2x a week, depending on pitch load.  The coach has asked him to come up with a gameday warm-up plan to follow.  He does some things now that he generally does for arm care prior to throwing, but nothing specific for a gameday warmup.  The coach will work with him, but he is big on the players taking ownership of what they need to do(which has been great), and not just dictating, but working with the player.

I wanted to ask if anyone can offer any guidance, suggestions, advice on what they, or their players/kids have usually done, at around this age?  There is such a wealth of knowledge here that I thought it would be a good place to get some ideas to help him.

Thank you.

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