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Reply to "Game Day Pitching Routine"

Teaching Elder posted:

I'll tell you how I warmed up from little league through high school and beyond.

   1)  Arrive at field 15 or so minutes before the game.

   2) Coach throws a dozen balls on the ground from a bag.  They MUST be brown and  scuffed.  This, I think, must be important, for they were always this way.

   3)  Coach commands the team to pick up said balls and "Warm up."

   4) Either you or a partner picks up the ball ,and you get back about as far away as the

        pitcher's mound (60 feet or so.  If little league, 45 feet or so).

    5)  Throw a couple of balls at half intensity.

     6) Notice that the other guy seems to be throwing it hard, and don't let yourself be

        outdone as a man.

            a.  The process can be expedited if you are throwing with an older kid or

                 someone you want to impress.  Just start out flinging it.  You want respect!

      7) Continue to throw max velocity for roughly 75 pitches.

      8)  Toss in a number of "curves", which are really sliders on which you twist your wrist.   

              a.  These also should be done at max effort for best results.

       6)  Once your shoulder, biceps, and elbow are screaming in pain you're warm.

       7)  Go get 'em, tiger. 

You arrived 15 minutes before the game started?