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Reply to "Game Day Pitching Routine"

The Rover posted:

Son is a 2016 headed to a D1 as a PO. Has had a pretty solid routine for a few years now...Good to get in that habit. I find that most HS pitchers DON'T warm up enough!!! They do some light stretching, toss and then head to the pen. Not enough IMO. My son will do the following, which will remind those who are into this stuff of what Trevor Bauer does prior to starts. My son is definitely a throw more (not pitch, but throw) kind of kid. It has worked for him and kept him healthy and strong and able to be ready every 7 days, which is a typical HS starter workload:

- Stretch

- Foam Roller on his back and legs

- Hip Mobility exercises

- Sprints (please don't run poles...If you don't believe me, there are tons of articles online that you can access that show jogging is the worst possible thing a pitcher can do)

- Band work

- Shoulder Tube ( A must for any pitcher. Invest in one from Oates Specialties if you don't have one. You won't regret it. Your son will be embarrassed to bring it to the field at first but nothing loosens the shoulder like that thing will)

- Long toss - (Basically a Jaeger long toss) Starts close working his way out lobbing it as you go out. Throws must be accurate. Works his way out to farthest point with 4-5 max throws with arc. He has a cut off man for the catcher to get it back out to him. Hard throws on a line coming back in.

- Flat ground working on all pitch types

- Bullpen

Seems like a lot but at this point he is truly warmed up. This has worked for him for the last 4-5 years and his velo has increased during the season so he is not wearing himself out prior to starts. 

Also, you should have a post game routine, which should include Sprints, Shoulder Tube again (less intensity though). He hasn't need ice or Advil/Aleve in 3 years or more using this routine.

Hope that helps and good luck to you and your son

Thank you, appreciate your advice.  His initial plan looks something like what you have, some dynamic warm up exercises/stretches(hip, spine, etc) then some arm care work like the shoulder tube, tubing or bands, wrist weights, and then bullpen.  He has done some long toss going for the first couple of games, but not extreme.

For post game, he has just listed so far a couple of arm care exercises(tubing, wrist weights, shoulder tube, etc).  The team as a whole does do some postgame stuff, though I think he may need to add a couple things, though I am not sure all of what they do, other than some stretching stuff.

Thanks to all, appreciate the help!