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Reply to "GameChanger."

With my kids traveling all over the country playing various forms of softball and baseball, I can say I like it. I have sat through many a boring teleconference while watching one of my kids pitching real time on Gamechanger. Makes it much more interesting.

There were also a fair share of 'what the bleep???'. Mainly because the driver doesn't know what button to push and ends up playing catch up with some interesting choices.

One example was my son pitching with a runner at first. Fly ball to center field caught on good play and makes an attempt to throw out runner at first but throws ball into dugout to advance the original runner to third (that was what happened). It was scored F-8, E-8, balk (to account for the extra base). After the game I was asking son why he was balking with a runner at second and one out? He said, "Dad, I haven't balked in two years". Took a while to figure out what happened.

In softball, there was a slap hitter who hit a chopper that hit her out of the batter's box. We lost two full innings while the scorekeeper tried to figure that out. Ultimately scoring pop out to catcher and then catching up with all the missed action by scoring hits and K's for every baserunner and out. When comparing his work to my wife's book it was quite a miss-adventure.

I have watched games finish with a score of 10-5 on Gamechanger and my wife will text me with "won 11-3". She has a book, is a decent scorekeeper (well taught Smile) and with a gale force wind and driving rain, will come up with the correct score, so I trust her work.

Parents log in and quote stats off this by the way.

I haven't tried it, but would suggest its probably a good tool if you have a scorekeeper who knows what they're doing and 'dry runs' a few games to figure it out before going live.

Stat's, I'd be interested to what you think and if it gives you all the options an experienced scorekeeper requires.