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Reply to "GameChanger."

Originally posted by Golfman25:
Stats, if your current program works for you, not sure why you're looking at gamechanger.

Only a fool wouldn’t want to look to see if he can find improvements to what he does. That’s the main reason I’m looking at it. Another reason is, when someone discusses scoring programs, I don’t like being totally ignorant about what they’re doing.

Bottom line, it is a very good scoring program for most team needs up thru high school. Most of the common scorekeeping requirements are readily available. Some of the odd ones take some time to figure out. As for costs, the app is free. It allows you to invite other's to "watch" the game and get stats for a small fee.

I know that, and its why I’ve been a strong supporter of it. In fact, when I 1st heard about it from one of their partners, it hadn’t yet been released. But from what I was given to read, it looked like a terrific product, and I started telling people to look for it and try it when it came out.

Unfortunately, like I told them when I was asked, the major downfall of it is that if one doesn’t know the scoring rules, it doesn’t do anything but make it easier to read the scoresheet.

As to your specific issue, if you tap on the runner on first it will give you the pick off option. As I recall, there is a small glitch if the PO is before the first pitch -- then you have to use caught stealing. Good luck.

When I tap on the runner, I get a menu that says: Pinch Runner, Special Pinch Runner, Courtesy Runner. Now if I press the runner and move it slightly then let it go, I get a menu that says: Picked Off, Offensive Interference, Out on Appeal, Other.

That’s ok if the runner was picked at that base. But let’s say there’s a runner on 1st and the pitcher throws over and the runner is caught off base. At that time, it’s a pick for the pitcher and a pick against the runner. But if that runner makes any move what-so-ever to 2nd, now it becomes an SBA too. If he makes it to 2nd, its an SB, but in any case its an SBA. The GC support explained how to deal with the SBA/SB, and you explained how to deal with the pick, but so far I don’t have a way to put all the components together.

Its not that it’s a big deal because it happens so infrequently, but it does happen. I found it happen enough that I felt it was necessary to come up with something to handle it, which I did. I give a menu too, with these options.

R1 CS at 2nd by Catcher
R1 goes to 2nd
R1 goes to 2nd on balk
R1 goes to 2nd on E
R1 goes to 2nd on FC
R1 goes to 2nd on PB
R1 goes to 2nd on WP
R1 Steals 2nd

We’re doing the same thing, but just approaching it differently. Part of the reason for many of the difference between the way they’re doing it and the way I do it is because of the different scoring techniques we’re using.

They’re using the old fashioned way, which is certainly OK, and one I worked with up until last season. But now I use what they use in MLB/MiLB, and that’s using the “Before Play”, “Play”, and “After Play” method that can be seen in Project Scoresheet. See or

Now do most people need or even want the added accuracy and flexibility you get using the new way? Of course not! Its just that a lot more information can be gleaned from the book, but most people, up to and including college ball don’t want or need that additional info. Its not that it wouldn’t be nice to have, but there only so much time coaches at those level have to do stat analysis, unlike pro ball.

I also have the advantage of “tuning” what I use for my specific needs, not the possible needs of millions of people in many deferent venues. That makes a huge difference too. There are some things in my program that could be a lot better, but I’m so used to its “personality”, I don’t even notice their deficiencies anymore, so its not worth the time to spruce them up.

But the bottom line is, there’s a lot of different butts that need a lot of different seats, and this butt is always looking for ways to make his seat more comfortable. Wink