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Reply to "Getting on Radar as Soph."

My 2019 RHP topped 82 as a sophomore, but not as tall as your son.  Here's the path we took (everyone's is different):

  • Played legion summer of rising sophomore and junior year, focusing on developing his craft
  • Attend college camps in fall, after developing list of interested schools, continue email dialogue
  • Played regional travel team and attended camps summer of rising junior year


Son received multiple D1 and NESCAC offers. 

Sounds like the first bullet above may be important for your son, as the desire and commitment may not be there just yet.  Your son doesn't have off-the-charts measurables, so I see no need to play for an elite/national travel team.  That may only hurt him in playing time and regaining the love of the game.

He has time, especially in the HA D3 space, as they won't recruit him until next summer.

Good luck!