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Reply to "Golden Posts"

I see no need to wait for a nomination of this post by Coach May:


At what point do you as the coach own the performance of your team on game day? Who is responsible to prepare them to compete? Who is the coach of this team? Maybe the coach should have ran while everyone screamed at them?

So let me get this straight. Your players who just got embarrassed on the field need you to throw them under the bus in front of everyone present in order to "get it?" That's what its going to take to get them to field better, pitch better, hit better basically perform to the level you expect them to play? Then is that what you do at practice every day? Have them run sprints while you scream at them each day at practice.

Or Coach is this your way of telling everyone present "Hey it's not our fault they sucked today. It's all their fault and were going to show you we care by embarrassing them right now in front of you."

It used to offend me greatly when we would spank someone and the opposing coach would take his players to the outfield and start running them as he berated them. Really Coach? Your kids had no idea how to take a primary lead or a secondary lead. They didn't know how to run a cut play. They were horribly coached and prepared and your going to run them? You need to take your as s out there and run because your a freaking joke.

NEVER whip your child in public. Never berate your child in public.

Me personally I would have said: "I apologize guys. We didn't prepare you properly to compete today. I promise were going to get to work tomorrow on becoming better players a better team and better coaches. We got a lot of work to do and were going to get it done."

We talk so much about today's kids and how they don't hold themselves accountable and how they feel entitled. Maybe that's because we have too many adults who don't hold themselves accountable? Your team is a reflection of you Coach. Own it.