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Reply to "HeadFirst or Showball Showcase for July 15-16, 2019"

Dirtbag30 posted:

3and2F:  From reading posts, we are clearly are behind in the whole recruiting dance, partly due to him being a young 2020 and late bloomer.  He hasn't reached out to coaches yet and understands he's that will hurt him (particularly for D1) because so many likely have their classes set.  So, I guess the real question is it too late for him at this point, particularly for D1, so the trip may not be worth it.

He's probably looking D3 with some hope of getting attention of some HA D1 schools.  OFer who plays for a very competitive summer ball team and excels on it against top competition.  Had good measurables (6.8 60, 87 OF velo, 89 hitting velo) at local showase last w/ coaching interest after but no HA schools in attendance he's interested in (wanted to get first showcase out of the way and see how he'd do).  

He'll be doing regional showcases with schools he's interested in attendance.  And many will also be at his tournaments.  Just wondering if supplementing that with an expensive out-of-state showcase like HF and SB would be worth it for him at this point.


2018 also got a late start, though he had  had contact with some HA D1 and D3 schools in his junior year. He went to both Showball and HF as a rising n Senior, and far preferred HF, but I know of a local kid who is playing on Columbia because of the impression he made at Showball.

   My guy has similar stats...slightly less hitting velo, but a OF velo in the 90's, which got him some of attention. Definitely able to pick it at SS, or CF, and speedy.  We used to PBR as a place to verify his stats.

   After a good showing at HF, he got a lot of attention from HA D3's. Nescacs and the like(i.e. Chicago, Swarthmore, Carleton,etc..). Minimal HA D1 interest, but there was some. Their coaches were pretty open with him. They said he could play D1, but because he was so late (August) most spots were gone. I would say that he was in the top 15-20% of non pitching/catching talent at HF. Short of hitting a couple of bombs, he couldn't have done much better.  

   Ended up at a vg HA school whose radar he was already on. Had multiple choices of places to go. There were a few invites to D1(and other) camps, but we simply ran out of time , and couldn't get to a lot of them because of conflicts.

   In retrospect, he might have had a chance at an Ivy or two if he had started earlier and had shown well , but he is happy with where he ended up.

   I think going to HF is a bit of a no brainer for a HA BB player, especially for those looking at a D3 school.

   BTW, all the rules change if you are a pitcher. It's easier to judge them for a RC, IMO. A position player can go to one of these things and show good measurables, but during the games he can never have a play in the field, or have a decent AB because the P isn't throwing strikes, or is filthy. My son got beaned in the head by a fastball at HF...was down and bleeding, went to the hospital to get stitched up,  missing the rest of that day. At least he didn't get concussed like another kid did, who missed the rest of the Showcase.