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Reply to "HeadFirst or Showball Showcase for July 15-16, 2019"

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Try to get to your State's PBR Top Prospect Game - in my experience this was a critical step in my son's recruitment as a rising senior/late bloomer - the event occurred prior to the summer ball season, was heavily recruited and provided tape and verifiable stats.  That exposure, coupled with tape/stats allowed him to have meaningful communication in advance of key summer tournaments (wwba, etc) where they ultimately saw him play. 

So PBR just sent him (upon request and some more info) an invite to their "Top Prospects (invite only)" event in May.  PBR is fairly new to GA and took over the LakePointe facility from Perfect Game last year (I believe) so I'm not familiar with it and don't know whether college coaches will be there.  Anyone have experience in GA with one?  Regardless, the event does include laser timed 60s, video clips, etc. and is not too expensive so I assume there's no downside and he should do it.

I will second what 3and2 said. Coaches are in season and not many players are doing in season showcasing. Probably best to hold off for now. Get the numbers when more coaches will be present. 

I will also add that if your kid wants to go to a HA school in the northeast, a PBR showcase in GA will not help him get in front of those schools. I'm not sure how many HA schools there are in the south, but recruiting happens regionally. So if he wants schools in another region you have to head their way or at least find a more "national" event.  


I didn't even think about the fact that the PBR is in May.  Doubtful that coaches will be there in the middle of their season, you are correct

I second what PABASEBALL said about trying to get an Area Codes invite.  That can be a very tough invite to get, but can really open doors.