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Reply to "HeadFirst or Showball Showcase for July 15-16, 2019"

Tampa2020 posted:

Simple question for those who have experience with HF & Showball ... will this get any attention? RHP 1300 SAT (first try) 4.0  82-84

Based on our experience Coaches are assuming you are a good student given the player is attending HF or ShowBall.  For a first time score of 1300 on the SAT, equivalent of a 28 ACT, that's a good start, and the Coaches know the student will take the SAT or ACT a few more times.  Having said that, a 1300 SAT or 28 ACT along with some serious baseball talent will get you into most Ivy's.

Serious baseball talent:  Big Bat or Big Arm.  If a player is hitting balls hard all over the field along with a decent glove that will get attention.  But, it's necessary that player has a decent arm (IF/OF Velo) along with decent 60 speed for that position.  Sub 6.8's get attention, Coaches want sub 7.0 for the 60yd.  A big bat first baseman with a decent glove will get away with 7.3...kind of depends on level of college baseball.

Pitching:  in general 82-84 doesn't really stand out to D1's.  With that velo, does the player project to be bigger?  Big frame with time to fill out, the velo will come.  Does the college coach see room for mechanical improvements which would easily yield more velo?

82-84 with good command and secondary  pitches is appealing to D3's.  Ideally they want higher velo as well, but if velo is sitting 85-88 with top FB 90 then the player is being looked at closely by D1's.

So many exceptions to seeing 82-84.  All about the Coaches eye.  Some D3's 82-84 will be their hardest throwing pitcher.  Lots of D1's have plenty of guys throwing 82-84; these guys likely have incredible command with some nasty off speed pitches.  Will the 82-84 guy draw the first attention? Likely not.  Invest in refining his throwing motion and getting stronger.

How big is your kid?  What year is he?  

Good luck, only my opinion.  My 2018 went to 1 HF, 2 Showball, 1 Stanford, 1 AZ Fall Jr Classic