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Reply to "Headfirst vs. Showball (2018 version)"

JYNY posted:
Gov posted:

Same experience when we went to the Head Coach Showball Camp late July last year. 

  • Princeton: was still looking for lefty hitting MIF's, and another LHP
  • Yale: Frawley had offered a MIF who the RC had seen a lot right before the event, were still looking for another RHP
  • Harvard: indications were they were still looking, and son was going to their August camp as a follow up the HC Showball to see if he could clinch a MIF spot. Shortly after we signed up for the camp, the RC said if they wanted to, they would have stopped recruiting in the spring for the 2018 class.  They liked what they had seen from New England candidates in the spring) This statement caused me to pull back from their Camp, and have a heart to heart with 2018 and step up D3's.  I ate the 595.00 camp cost... oh well.  Surprisingly, son moved on quickly.
  • Columbia: Boretti stated clearly he was looking for another position player who had a big bat. Son was not that guy after the Showball HC Camp.  Boretti had talked to my son extensively, and acted like he didn't even know him. Kind of shitty, but it's how it goes.
  • Brown: they've been looking for P's every year all the way to ED deadline
  • Penn: same as Brown
  • Dartmouth: same as above Brown
  • Cornell: absolutely clueless with where they were, son didn't care

You guys might recall my comments last year shortly after all of this:  if you are a position player with academic chops and are determined on an Ivy, you have to get on their front porch - their specific camps which are from July - Sept, your incoming JUNIOR YEAR.  There's always GTown, W&M, Holy Cross, and several other relationship high academic D3's with that Ivy.

If you are a P, took the ACT early and rung in a solid number, if they like you as a P, they will try to recruit you over the winter of your Junior year.  The Ivy coaches will use your strong resulting Academic Index to help recruit other players. (Strong P with a 33-35 ACT to recruit a C with a 29 ACT, especially with HPY).

 The IVY Head Coach Camps are great for incoming Juniors!!  I wouldn't have thought this last year... Concur AD2018

How did you get all this info?  Your son talking to all the coaches or are you that parent?

Great advice, I need to find out more detail about their front porches this summer.


Ha.  Son talked with almost all of the Ivy coaches actively in July while at two Showball Camps, then a few parents I met while at those same camps compared Intel our son's were gathering, as well knowing few parents whose kids play at a few of those Ivy's.  Former Air Force Officer - Intel gatherer.