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Reply to "Heres to You Mr High School Baseball Watcher!"

hsbasballfan posted:

WOW!!!!   I wrote this original post on March of 2011. My son had just started his senior year of high school baseball.  At the time there was a popular beer commercial "Here's to you Mr...…" - maybe you remember that.  At the time I had come off a long cold winter anxious for baseball to start.  As I sit here today  - my son is 26 years old, married, and has a child. Im still involved in the local baseball community and am looking forward to the weather breaking and taking my role.  My advice is to savor the moment Mom and Dad !  The investment we make in the lives of our children and the investment coaches make come with a return you may not see for years to come.  It is such a special time to be involved in your child's life but also a process when you are releasing them to the world to move away form you. All the clichés that seem corny are so true..."it all happens so fast" - I was recently at my son's house and he jumped on me for leaving a door open, letting his warm air out, and cost him money - I smiled and knew my job had been done. He was becoming his Dad- hopefully only the good parts at least.

Once that last pitch is thrown or last ball batted its over …. then you will endure what can be a long winter that never ends - invest now , stay involved, love your boys, and savor the fleeting moment you have. Look around and realize how many relationships you have with other adults from being in the baseball community - many of those are fleeting as well. 

Finally - stay involved - come out to a game , look around , and enjoy what you see. The James Earl Jones Field of Dreams speech will creep into your mind on a perfect Spring afternoon.... time marches on but baseball remains.  The warm sun on your face and the chirping of the baby birds will refresh you with the signs of new life - the shout of "Play Ball" will  invoke memories of a time gone by. Look around...your son wont be there but someone's will be along with the full cast of baseball parent characters we all celebrated since this thread debuted almost 9 years ago. 

God bless each of you...share this thread and keep it going! 



Talk about ironic or what.  Without prior reading this OP, yesterday I had the Field of Dreams moment myself.  My son is in the MLB and is "home" visiting since Christmas.  He will be leaving in a few weeks for Spring Training, but has been working out for the past 3 weeks pretty intensely.  While doing some work in the home office I heard the familiar sound of a baseball being thrown against our wall.  I walked  out and saw him using a weighted ball.  I asked if he wanted to play some catch and he agreed.  It's been a good 10 plus years since I last threw a baseball with him.  With the memory of the movie playing in my mind of father and son playing catch, I got a little teary eyed throwing with him. I was actually playing catch with a professional ballplayer, my son!  After about 15 minutes a couple of neighborhood kids saw us and joined in.  They even recorded themselves playing catch with my son.  It seems just like yesterday when he was playing travel ball.  Yes, they grow up so fast, cherish every day you get to spend with your kids.