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Reply to "High Academic minimum requirements"

Good information shared above.  Since RJM mentioned Duke, HC Pollard told me directly he is quite adamant of needing a min 26 ACT to play for his program.  He's found good smart players which led them to the super regionals this year.  Power Conference high level skills and talent obviously required.

Friend's kid was offered by Northwestern and the RC/HC seem to be dialed in on at least a 28.

Another friends kid is being recruited by Penn, RC said his 27 ACT will suffice.

Two years ago son talked with Johns Hopkins RC he said they wanted a min 32 ACT to be able to support through admissions. (I think their middle 50 percentile of accepted ACT scores is 33-35).  HA D3's have less pull with admissions.  Competitive HA's require ED applications in order for the coaches to support through admissions. 

 If the OP's son had a 24/25 on the ACT, get some tutoring and retest.  As mentioned above there is room for a few points increase.  Finishing with a 27 ACT puts your son in the market for Ivy's other than HPY.  HPY have some 29 ACT kids, but have an average 31 ACT for their roster (using Yale RC Frawley as a reference) 

Plenty of other HA D3's like Dennison are great colleges but have lower ACT averages. Some of them have access to other money besides need based grants.

Service Academy's need at least a 28 ACT with a strong curriculum GPA, and no less than a 25 ACT on any one ACT section. 

If OP's son is an academic fit for xyz colleges who will be attending the HF or SB showcases, does he think he has the baseball talent to match?  Always nice to know where your son's metrics are prior to going to these high profile showcases.  The coaches attending use the testing results as a filter with whom they'll pay attention to over the weekend.  Velo's, 60 time, ACT score's reduce the number of kids they'll pay attention to....