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Hi, great thread. My son is a 2020 RHP/OF and just starting to go thru the HA showcase process. Common sense would suggest that the higher the academic profile (GPA/SAT/ACT/rigor) the better, assuming kid has real baseball skills. But wondering if anyone has experience with a paradoxical situation where if the academic profile is really high (e.g., perfect test scores and grades with lots of APs and other academic awards), a HA coach might be reluctant to give up an official slot under the assumption the kid can probably get in on their own, thereby using his slot on a very good player with more borderline academic profile. Especially D3 that might only have 2-3 slots. Can HA coaches still provide admissions support to a very high academic profile kid if they don't use a slot? If so, would that simply just be submitting his name on their wish list, with no guarantee? Thanks for any advice.

My understanding is that D3 baseball teams don't have roster size limits so there aren't really "official slots" to speak of. The coaches have a recruiting board of course, and I'm sure they have a number at each position that they're shooting for, but admission at HA D3 schools is completely at the discretion of the admissions office.

IMO, telling a kid to just apply and trust he will be admitted would be a pretty clear signal that a coach wasn't very interested.  Even for a recruit with perfect academic credentials, if a coach wants the player, I'd expect an offer for an admissions pre-read for ED admission.  There must be some limit on the number of recruits a coach can use this process for (I think D3 HA schools vary widely on this).  But if a coach wants a player, I don't think he'd say "you can just apply on your own."

It really is true that at elite HA schools, there is no such thing as having scores and grades so good that admission is guaranteed.  One source reports that "Harvard rejects one in four students with perfect SAT scores. The University of Pennsylvania and Duke University reject three out of five high school valedictorians." ( )  At top academic D3s, the hurdles are similarly high.  If your son wants to attend a (very) HA school, the pre-read/ED process has serious value.

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