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How a coach found players...

in this case they found him! This is a long post, but I thought it was worth the time.

A lot of times, on this site, peeople ask how they can be discovered and there is an adundance of good information provided about that. In speaking with a local coach this week, I heard some interesting stories about players finding the school.

Case #1 - coach (MA school) is dressed and ready to hit the field for BP before a game that would decide qualifying for the NCAA regionals. Admissions calls him and says there is a student from Minnesota who wants to speak with the coach. Doing his job, the coach risks being a bit late for BP and says OK. In walks a 6'2, 210 lb three sport athlete from one of the better schools in MN. As the coach said, "i knew he was an athlete just watching him walk into the school". They hit it off, player wants the academic emphasis of this school, coach makes a few calls, and it is a done deal. The player researched the school, made the visit, saw the coach and it all ended well. Except the coach was late for BP!

Case #2 - player from Texas wants to major in business and play college baseball. His dad was educated in the Northeast, tells son about a certain school in that region. The player arrnages a summer visit and plays in a showcase during the stay. Coach loves the player, player loves the school, has the grades and decides to apply early. Goes back to Texas, tells another teammate about the school and the majors. That player looks into it and bingo, both are going.

This coach has a national recruiting base for a Division III school because of the academic programs at the school. But he said he does not recruit nationally - he can't afford to. However, when they approach him, it is another story.

The point is that being discovered is a two way street. Do your homework, ask around, research schools and this will make more opportunities for a great education and college ball. Not everyone is a draft pick or a #1 starter for Texas - but everyone on this site is a ball player and a future professional something...there are hundreds of great schools out there!
--------------------------It's not what you don't know that will kill you. It's what you don't know that you don't know that kills you!"
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