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Reply to "How much does it take?"

Originally posted by floridafan:

Is that how it works,the more money the more opportunity to succeed?

Yes that is how it works, but that doesn't mean that the player paid less of a signing bonus will not get the opportunity to prove himself.

I hope that PG can weigh in on this but this is how I have observed the pro game.

First players are paid more for the skills they have or what they may project at the time of the draft. This doesn't always mean it's gonna work out for the guy paid more, and organizations love nothing more than finding a player that can play at the ML level and not having to spend much on them. This to them is a testimony of their development system.

Second, for a position player it's all about your bat (ask Tyler Bortnick). Those that find themselves in the line up everyday (as they progress) are the ones who can hit, most often has nothing to do with the position, they will even convert your position if someone else is better than it than you (at the position) but you can hit. Often, you will see position players who can't hit as well but have strong arms, get converted to pitchers.

I think that teams make commitments to every player they draft, but remember for most players, it's 5 years or less (depending on draft age and the investment) that you have to prove yourself. As long as that sounds, it's not that long at all.

The difference in the $$ is that if the team finds themselves with too many players and has to release some, they will release the players that have not produced as they would have liked, and given them less when they were drafted.

I have a friend whose son was drafted as a catcher, however, it was evident after a few years that there were other players in front of him much better than he, instead of being released, he was converted to relief pitcher and he is loving every minute of it and doing well. He was drafted later rounds but received a decent bonus out of HS, obviously the organization made an investment in him , a smaller bonus might have meant a release.

You can try to figure it out, but in reality this is a business and most decisions are based on business. You never know what they are thinking.

As far as the money, it doesn't mean anything if this is what the player wants to do, but in some cases, the money means alot to the player to give up what other options he may have, it all comes down to personal decisions.
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