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Reply to "How much does it take?"

Curious where you got these numbers?
Would be interesting to see the numbers for rounds 10-50?

You can find the overall numbers from the first 10 rounds from various sites: Perfect Game, Baseball America...

I just put them in in Excel spreadsheet.

I, too, would love to see rounds 11-50. What a difference that would make. Plus, I know my son's team brought in many NDFA guys all season long - my guess, probably for 1K. The average MILB roster is not going to have many rich guys.


Couldn't agree more with PG & IFD, once you there, if you put the numbers up (anyone there will get a shot, it's a business and every player is an investment, granted at different amounts), you're going to get the opportunity to hang around. And as another poster said, at this point you are being watched by the other teams (trade bait). Getting drafted is a ticket to the dance. It's what you do with once there that counts. Like PG said, when your in the box, you're not thinking about your bank statement Smile