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This is a HSBBW and the topic was about 12 year old pitchers with arm issues. I dont think the 12 year old needs that high tech stuff, at this time.  Not sure why you actually brought it up, other than you wanted us to know that you spent 600 on something after talking to cyclists?


Ice vs no ice, this discussion was not about professional athletes doing all sorts of things to keep their job.


Do college programs use this device?  I do believe that would be of more interest than what the Detroit Tigers do for their staff they pay millions of dollars to.


Do you get that?


The issue is about the benefits of icing at any age.Do you get that? From Driveline and Kyle :

"Many MLB teams and Division-I colleges use this product and I’ve gotten a deluge of testimonials from people I highly trust, including Dave Coggin of PFA Fitness down in LA."I don't know.Maybe you don't find Driveline to be credible.

The only D1 I can say for sure uses it is Temple.