Reply to "Icing in PRE-High School...Really????"

If anyone bothered to read I did say son stopped using ice a while ago. He does series of excercises given to him from ortho rehab. I did express my opinion of him not using ice. He would ice if in pain.   He also throws hard.  Thats the key here...throwing hard.  Saying because son doesn't use it that I think its no good is just plane ridiculous. You Mr. Roothog, have actually no clue what son has or hasn't done for recovery, after surgery, for injury, etc, because I questioned it has NOTHING to do with what he has or hasn't done.  

Once again this was about  12 year olds using ice because they are sore or in pain.  Just not sure how marc pro (for 600$) would solve that problem.  This got a bit off topic and I take blame for some of that.

Good points made above by back foot slider. As there are continuously new methods coming out for training and conditioning, there are many who still go back to old school. It works for some, not for others. Its like running or no running after you pitch. This is a message board so you will get a variety of opinions. I tried real hard to find product recommendation on sites it was sold but couldnt.  Its the pitcher who uses it not affiliated with any organization who has to pay for it that I want to see info from.


Recommending an item here for 600 dollars when people cant afford to send their players to showcases or campus visits is just plain a kick in the butt for many. Until you can prove that this makes the pitcher a better pitcher, that he has sustained no injury, what was the point in recommending a product that you said you are not even sure it works?

thanks mcCloven for the lessor expensive machine.


Last season, the Tigers organizations pitchers sustained lots of injuries that kept Brad Ausmus scrambling everyday for replacements, had to go deep into the farm.  


BTW, they have a pretty good pitching program, son actually liked it much more than he did with the Cardinals. However, the bottom line is that nothing will ever prevent injury, unless you stop pitching.

I will remain unconvinced about the beneficial results of the product until more than one ML pitcher or amateur pitcher speaks on the benefits and how it has helped them to recover or sustain injury.  No digs on anyone but when one partners and sells a product or gets it complimentary..of course they will endorse offense to Kyle, you are a good guy and you should not have been brought into this.