Reply to "Icing in PRE-High School...Really????"

And, the concept is that the ligaments "break" because of the muscles.






If the muscles aren't working correctly they put more strain on the ligament.  The Marc Pro and other techniques (wrist weights, etc.) in combination help the muscles recover, strengthen and work correctly.  


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When you lack eccentric strength and you continue to throw hard, abusing those deceleration muscles—The weakest link usually hurts, AND (this is important!) it puts more strain on the next segment down the chain causing risk of significant damage.


The stages look like this:


1. Muscle soreness/fatigue that goes away quickly in 2-12hours


2. Muscle soreness/fatigue that takes longer, >12-48hrs to go away.  **Also known as DEAD ARM**


3. Muscle soreness/fatigue turns into muscle and joint pain  (Low and mid back pain, shoulder impingement syndrome(s), Little league shoulder syndrome, small SLAP and labral tears, elbow tendonitis, UCL/Tommy John pain, elbow stress fractures, and valgus overload syndrome to name a few)


4. Muscle and Joint failure:  Hamstring strains, abdominal strains,  rotator cuff tears, large SLAP and labral tears, and Tommy John injuries.