Reply to "Icing in PRE-High School...Really????"

Ok so here are my last thoughts on this.

First I didnt realize that there are 32 teams in MLB.  But I guess when you get your info from the internet it is what it is.

Second, I agree that most people that are anti something always have a product to sell. 

Third, fitness is a huge business. HUGE!

Fourth, agree tendons and ligaments are not the same.

Fifth, once again this topic was not directed about what professionals do, but rather about 12 year olds having arm issues. Does anyone know if this product is recommended for that age group?  I do believe that you, roothog were the one who posted the info against anti icing. I know, I know you were recommending another alternative (for 12 year olds).  

Sixth, do yo get where I am coming from Mr roothog?  Probably not but I dont care.



I searched the internet and have not come up with any pitcher saying that this product says what the people who endorse or sell it say it does.  This is not to say that I do not believe that the people who endorse or sell or have their clients use these type of products are not good at what they do. They are all probably very good at what they do, for sure.  On the sites that sell the product (that are not training sites  associated with the product) there are no reviews by people who have bought the product, that I have found.


I am sorry that you do not understand what I am talking about, I guess I am not as educated as you, Mr Roothog to get my point across.  All I asked was could anyone come up with one ML pitcher who feels that  it is what it is advertised to be, or it is not. Or that they did recover quicker and last season had no issues with their arm? Can anyone do that?  


I found this though, but since you are so much more proficient in the use of the internet maybe you could come up with something else. Read through. maybe you can help this guy out Root!


And kudos to McCloven who seems to be able to provide much more meaningful discussion on injuries, which essentially this topic is referring to,  that are occurring at younger and younger ages.


Ice or no ice.