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Reply to "Importance of an experienced Agent"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by pops:

You ask "How about Moorad, IMG (close-VanWaganen), Tellum or Sloane? Are they any good?" So you're asking for opinions right?

Then in another post you bash me for giving opinions by saying "I don't feel that any agent who is good needs to bad mouth another agent. He just needs to show what he can do for the prospective client. I have listened to a few bad mouth others and it makes me think that they are insecure in their own ability."

Is everyone who offers an opinion on this site " insecure in their own ability."? Or is it only me?

Re:the names you asked about:

Moorad brought TV cameras into the negotiation of Manny Ramirez's contract to get himself free publicity. Is that the kind of Agent you'd want for your kid?

IMG(close-VanWaganen) & Tellum/SFX represent a zillion players so it's not even a "small fish in a big pond" situation it's more like an amoeba in the ocean.

Sloane only takes a few clients so there are limitations there as well.

Just my opinion for what it's worth... usually 5%(LOL).
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