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Reply to "Importance of an experienced Agent"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by TRhit:

"I guess the % is rising--early on it was 4% now you get 5%--is this an increase due to the new year"

I answered the follwing question: " posted January 09, 2004 12:05 PM "Would you agree that 4% of the entire bonus is standard?"

My reply was: "If you were to survey the field that would probably be the most common number. Is it standard? No,many charge more some charge less." Where in there did I say I charge 4%?


I agree on gathering information but I always like to know the source and how solid the source is."

TRhit You're just an unredeemable "hater" & you'll never give me credit for anything I say because I won't tell you who I am. Like a spoiled little child who just keeps calling another child names until you get your way.