Reply to "Importance of an experienced Agent"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by TRhit:

"the 4% was bandied about in the discussions--now the number used is 5%"

I cited the exact quote in my post but apparently that isn't good enough for you.

"I never said you used it because in essences we know nothing about you"

Telling you about me isn't why I came here. I came here to exchange opinions & information.

"My second paragraph was to BIGHIT not you"

Ooohh sorry I didn't realize you were speaking in secret.

"Take umbrage all you want but off of what I see here it will be some other agent I recommend if asked."

I've done pretty well so far without your coveted recommendation. Don't want or need your help.

"You may be helping others but you have not shown me a thing"

As I said above, don't care, not here to "show" you anything.

"you have shown me nothing yet except for a lot of cut and paste , "quotes""

Yeah, I've tried to establish my opinions by furnishing quotes from objective sources rather than saying it's true because I say so. Sorry if the thinking makes your head hurt. I'll try not to confuse you with the facts or use too many big words.

And my Daddy can beat up your Daddy. Nyah, nyah, nyah.