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Reply to "Importance of an experienced Agent"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by itsinthegame:
"I'm talking about average salaries - not specific individuals."

Don't know where you're getting your info but according to the numbers used by both MLB & MLBPA Average salary for the last 5 years has been:
03 - $2,372,189
02 - $2,295,649
01 - $2,138,896
00 - $1,895,630
99 - $1,611,166

"The money just isnt there"

Sure it is. What isn't there is the competition between teams for each others players. I'm sure that's a total coincidence though.

"and the competition from non-US players is heating up."

Don't understand your point. No matter where a player comes from, his salary counts toward MLB averages.

"Will be interesting to watch."

Agreed. At the very least interesting... & hopefully lucrative.