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"I believe Halladay had 2 years left before he was a free agent."

True he would have been a Free Agent after the '05 season.

"They backloaded it because the Jays are under a self-imposed salary cap"

Right I understand the backloading aspect. However my point was that he should have gotten $$$ in a Signing Bonus even if he spread it out or backloaded the Signing Bonus.

"with Delgado's salary gone next year"

Wouldn't bet the farm on that. First of all he likes it in Toronto & would rather stay there if they show any commitment to fielding a championship caliber team, Second they are saying they'd like to keep him, Third how do they push out the door their All-Time leader in EVERY meaningful offensive category for nothing in return? They might increase their payroll $4 - $6 million & pay Delgado what he's worth or dump Hinske's contract so they can keep Carlos & stay under their budget.

"I thought Halladay was represented by the Hendricks'"

He was with Randy & Alan until they left SFX & went back on their own. For whatever reason, he chose Landry & SFX over the Hendricks'. He'll be paying for that mistake for the next 4 years.