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Please bear with me:
I am trying to understand the difference in club philosophy...
Two teams with limited payroll.
The Marlins went out and got who you mentioned and now they are without:

The Jays need pitching to go along with their 2nd highest team BA.....They picked up Lilly, Hentgen and Batista.

Delgado is 31 and has trouble with his knees
<darn astroturf>
If he can perform at his current production rate throughout a new contract term - great.
If not...doesn't the team suffer a competitive disadvantage...reducing the long-term flexibility of acquiring "right-now" needs?
How long do you extend him?
Are the Jays trying to get away from spending a huge % of total payroll on a few players?
He has a no-trade clause...Does that mean he would be wiling to take a hit to stay?
Do you pay him top dollar to DH?
Are the suggestions of Hinske being introduced to 1st troubling for Delgado?
Since the Jays evaluate players based on the 27 yr age being a measuring does that help/hurt him?

If you can shed some light.....

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