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"How many years of experience do you have in the agent business as it relates to the draft?"


"Also, based on your experience, are some clubs better/worse as far as negotiations go for a draft pick?"

Yes some teams will make more of an effort to get players signed reasonably quick for "market value" & into rookie league. Other teams will wait to see the direction of the market & react to it not wanting to "set the bar". Still others will flat out say that another team would give a player "x" dollars to sign but our organization doesn't have those kind of dollars to work with.

"Lastly, what type of work do you do prior to the draft as far as trying to improve a player of your's standing? Just curious."

Taking for granted you're talking about a premium player, my goal is to try to get him to the team with the best player development program. For a player who is a mid-level pick, there isn't much I can do other than inform their family what their options are & what not to say to scouts, cross checkers etc.

Bear in mind, as I've stated in previous posts, it is my firm belief that the most important aspect of the draft is to end up with a team that has a good player development program. Same as if you're kid is a potential Dr., you'd want him to go to a college with a good track record of producing graduates that go to good Med. Schools.
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