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Reply to "Interesting tidbits from recent recruiting survey"

Thanks Swampboy.

I can see many of you don't like (the service I used which shall not be named).  That was very surprising to me.  I never knew so many folks kept it in such low regard.  But, I am sure many have valid reasons.  Here is where we might agree:

  • You can find the same information by yourself, that you could find on (the service I used which shall not be named).
  • It might take a little longer do so, but it will be at a savings of at least $2,400.
  • The best resource you can use is your own time an effort.  You get what you put in.  
  • In the end, NCSA is a business that sells dreams to make its money.
  • HSBASEBEBALLWEB is an incredible resource.  There is hardly a question that hasn't been covered.

See...we agree on many things.  Now I will tell you this as a newbie to this site.  Many of you come across as very elitist.  You got to relax.  I get it, you guys have been on here for a while, but geeez, don't pounce on folks like me that just joined.  I didn't come here looking for a fight.  I wrote an article that described my experience in the recruiting process.  Some of you guys came at me with a whada you know? response.  What, you work for (the service I used which shall not be named)? You obviously don't know what you are talking about dude!  Not exactly welcoming.  But many of you, especially swampboy were very welcoming. Thank you.

You got to let people talk about their experiences.  The pros and cons of things.  You can't just jump  on them cause you don't agree with them.  As you know, I will not be deterred by this, but some people might.  Then you will just be talking to yourselves. You don't want that.  I am not an expert, never claimed to be one.  But I have gone through the process with my son for about two years now.  I can also share information. We have learned a few things.  Many from this same site.  I just started posting, but I have been reading your posts for a couple of years.  I was excited to join to share our own experiences, that's all.