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Reply to "International Draft"

Originally Posted by The Doctor:
Originally Posted by Tom Dorminy:

It use to be  America's Pastime!

Its really hard to understand why our kids will get less chances or money than international players.  I know that I did at one time, and resented it just like so many do.


I don't get the whole draft for 16 years old, but do remember these players have been playing baseball, everyday, for many years. And they cannot come here until they are 18?

Many are much better bb players than many american born players.   I think many don't make it not due to lack of skills or talent but rather lack of support, missing families, etc.  


And they don't have other options like our boys do, and in reality much hungrier as well.


FWIW, MLB budgets their money accordingly, two separate funds for international and national draft.  But Moncada was not drafted, he was a free agent who did play internationally. His numbers were .375/.483/.542 in 29 plate appearances and projected as a .280 hitter and 20-25 HR per season. He is a switch hitter with top bat speed, and a middle infielder, at 19. Imagine what he will be like at 25,26. This is what they pay for, can you name any other american player at 19 who is a middle infielder that projects that way?



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