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Reply to "Ipod compatible?"

Coach Dave - Here ya go!

Assumptions: Windows 7 System with Windows Media PLayer

Tools: Converter Lite GPL V3 0.1

Background: I've been able to refine this process to a few less steps everytime I do it. So, it is a work in progress. I did not want to bother with FTP software or the like as I already had Convert Lite on my system.

1) Start the HSBBWeb episode (ie Alan Jaeger....

2) The BlogTalk radio will put an mp3 extention onto the site to create a file name. So, it will look like this... Using your mouse, copy this URL address.

3) Install the Convert Lite app. I chose a "custom install" as I did not want all the optional c-r-a-p loaded onto my system. Open up the Converter Lite application.

4) In Converter Lite, Click "Add" then click "Network", Under file name you will paste the URL address noted above. It will load into the app in small letters under the menu title bar.

5) Under output details, you want convert to: Audio, Device Preset: Mp3. Make sure you point your output folder to your Itunes Library so the file is saved there. Essentially the Converter Lite app is just moving the MP3 file from the cloud to your hard drive without messing around with FTP commands.

6) Click Convert.

7) A DOS window will appear, this is the download and conversion process.

8) When prompted, click any key and the DOS window will disappear. Your file is downloaded into the ITunes Libary

9) Open Itunes,discover the file and synch it so you can take it with you in the car or on the plane
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