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justbaseball posted:
Camm posted:

A young man from our county played college ball without playing on his public high school baseball team in recent years. He played only travel ball.

Boom!  There it is.

bacdorslider - the issue I would have with your first response is that it is just not true for a group of high schools where our kids grew up.  I certainly would not say its a waste of time for kids at those schools - but it is not a 'necessity' for many of them.  I have seen as many as 30 scouts at HS games in a certain HS league that has produced hundreds of college players...and some big leaguers too.

(Full disclosure: Our younger son played in that league, our older one did not).

I think there are other areas of the country where this may be true as well...SoCal, FL, etc...  Again, I am not recommending to not play travel ball, but rather to understand the situation your son and your family is in and how that relates to your finances, your willingness to 'travel' and the rest of your family's obligations.

Both of our sons would have played D1 baseball without travel ball.  Still, they both did play travel ball at a very high level - Why? - we had the resources and we enjoyed it and in the end it widened the range of interested colleges.  But it was not a 'necessity.'

Justbaseball,   I agree its not a necessity in the definition... but like anything else you should use all the resources available to you.  Ones decision not to play travel ball should not be based on the fact that it's not a necessity .  I think everyone understands that you do not have to play travel ball to play in college but travel ball ( exposure you would not get other wise) will help your chances and give you more opportunities.