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Reply to "Johns Hopkins Baseball"

Mominthestands posted:

So, what will you hear from a HA D3 or any highly ranked D3 if the coach "loves" your son?


Not to be glib, but something like this, before a campus visit: "Here's what we like (followed by examples)....Can you come to campus (with a specific range of dates offered), and send your scores and transcript ASAP."

At the beginning of the visit, "Well, admissions likes you.  Let's see if you like us."

Right after the visit: A call/text from the coach when the kid is at the airport, before he gets on the plane home (or some similar scenario, within an hour or two of leaving campus):  "You were my #2 guy, but after you spent time with the team, you're my #1.  I hope you feel as good about us as we do about you.  Take all the time you need to decide."

I guarantee you'll know. Still gotta earn your way on the field, but you'll know the coach believes it will happen.

(did not see anotherparent's post before I wrote mine)

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