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Chico Escuela posted:

My son's story thus far (he is a 2020 RHP):

    Traded emails with Hopkins over a period of a year or so.  HC Babb is very good about answering emails, and my son sent his basic info, then a couple of updates during HS and travel seasons. Babb always responded promptly to say thanks for the info and encouraging Jr to make good grades.  (I wish all coaches were nearly as diligent about email.)

   Son visited JHU this summer and had a good meeting with Coach Babb while he was there.  Babb described the program, answered questions, and asked my son to send updated video and his academic info.  Son sent those ASAP and received a reply email soon after saying Hopkins is interested and wants to see him this summer (son was planning to attend Showball).  A few days after Showball this past week, son got an email saying JHU remains interested and asking if he wants to continue with their "recruiting process" (which son definitely does).     

   Jr is very interested in Hopkins, and this all seems to be good progress.  But where do we go from here?  They have an August camp, but we have a family vacation (going to another country, tickets already bought). 

   My son is in more or less the same position with a few other HA schools.  A couple of schools suggested they want to see the boy at their fall camps.  Other than that, are we just waiting for schools to see their other candidates and then make their decisions?  Can you more experienced folks tell me what happens next--and what, if anything, my son can do to maximize his chances at this point?    

You are right where you want to be, it is still very early for D3 lock ups. They are actively recruiting all over right now and sifting through various names. Have your son stay in touch with them and others, over the next 2 months things will sort out. My guess is by the start of school or shortly after you will know where you stand. The better the player/student combo is the more flexibility you are going to have. If your son has the grades to get into JHU and is sitting 84-86 you are going to have plenty of options come fall. 

Don't zero in on just one school right now. 

Don't cancel a family vacation, it won't be a deal breaker. IMO.