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Jupiter? East Cobb? Help!

I don't know where to post this request. So I am making one up. I hope the Old Timers don't spank me for somthing I may or may not have done right or wrong. But I am sure I will get, and hope to get their help! Here it goes.

My son has been ranked in the Top 20 for the State of Arizona for the class of 2010. He has been in PG events, TPX events,gotten a full scholarship from Arizona Western from a Area Code event. He has an advisor/agent but we won't go into that subject yet. His summer team has gotten him into the Arizona Fall Classic the past two years as Jr. and this year the Senior Classic. He was the Top Jr. in 08 Sparqs test and in 09 was #5 for the Senior Class. He has recieved D1 looks and offers at the min.25% to 50%. I can't afford it even at that yet. So he is going JUCO.

My question is, should I still showcase him? And if so, his summer team doesn't go to East Cobb or Jupiter.

Does anyone have room for an OF 6.6 to 6.8 60. 4.0 GPA 6'-175lb .467 ave. 7 HR coming into power guy on their Team? Or maybe you know of anyone that does? Here is his Profile and everything, I mean everything is in it to get a good enough look. http://recruit-match.ncsasport....jsp?clientID=159946 And more info at He could make a tryout if needed.

Does a player need to be complacent once he gets a college committment? Or should he continue to show the colleges and Scouts what he can do? Is he at the point where his Sr.year stats will do all the talking? Should we stop showcasing and focus on the year at hand and let nature take its course?

Okay it's your turn. Help? He would still love to experience at least Jupiter before he goes off to college. Thanks Everyone for listening!
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