Reply to "Knowledge"

Few brain dumps

  • measurables are very good for a freshman, other than his 60
  • if he continues to improve, he has D1 potential 
  • if money is an issue, spending a lot at 15 and 16 won’t get you much from a recruiting perspective.  Can be a time to trim and save.
  • come up with a game plan for the next 2 years
  • create a list of schools that fit academically (all Div, not just D1), start your correspondence with coaches, plan on what camps you want to attend, etc 
  • Lastly you have time, so focus on improvement, not getting recruited at 15 or 16

For the record, my son played Legion at 15 and 16 (no travel ball) and we went the camp route.  Received multiple offers.  If you read archived posts, you will see many feel camps are nothing but money makers.  If you plan and choose wisely, that’s not necessarily the case.

Others will need to provide more input on showcases and travel teams.  But if you go that route, you still need to plan and contact coaches.  Most of the time they come to look for players they’ve already been in contact with.  Rarely are they sitting around a low/mid level showcase and find a diamond in the rough.

Good luck!