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I don’t believe there’s a major leaguer who can stand at home plate and threw a ball over the center field fence (see other post about distance and velocity). If your son has this kind of ability you don’t have to ask what to do. All the top travel teams would be pursuing him. On the flip side 7.7 doesn’t match up real well with 5’10” 165 as a position player.

85 max as a freshman is D1 potential despite his size and weight. Does his high school coach have contacts with travel coaches? How tall are you? How tall is his mother?

We (the board) need some real information to help.

in general, you need to create a business plan with him ...

You need baseball knowledgeable people to tell you where he potentially fits as a baseball prospect. Based on this decide what conferences he could compete as a player. Then within each conference determine which schools are a baseball, academic, social and cultural fit. Don’t worry how large your list gets. He will rule out some schools as he investigates further. Some schools won’t be interested in him. The list will narrow naturally.

Then, you need to figure out how to get him in front of these schools. It’s a combination of being on the right team for tournaments and attending the right showcases. On a quality travel team the coaching staff has credibility with college coaches and contacts. They can presell your son with phone calls (I have a player you need to check out).

You can also email head coaches and the assistant in charge of recruiting expressing interest in the program, the college and ask where to get in front of them. They will put you on a mailing list for camps. Do not attend camps unless they’re prospect camps. Make sure you have the correct email addresses. A number of coaches move each year. Some email sources don’t keep their lists up to date. 

Attend college games at various levels. Typically you can sit up close and see the speed of the game. Your son has to ask himself if he believes he can handle what he sees.

Create an email account just for recruiting. Create a recognizable name like firstnamelastname.highschoolclassyear@gmail. If he plays for a recognized national travel program use their name instead of the high school name.

Set up some kind of database to track all contacts by date and reminders for next contact.



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