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PDogg said...

"I would just like someone to point me in the right direction on what to do as far as getting him exposure. He does showcases for individuals now and plays on a good travel team. Only problem is that it gets really expensive to go to all the majors. Is that even necessary, because you never know what schools come. Is it just best to contact the schools he likes and do there camp? Any help would greatly be appreciated." ...

"What 60 time does he need to shoot for for infield and outfield. I think he should actually be a 2023 because of his age. Like i said, he just turned 15, 2 weeks ago.  I was just looking for the best way to get him seen without wasting money. I beleive working on his running and practice is better than 15 and 16 showcase. "

Keep it simple.  Go back and read the first posts from Zia2021 and CTballdad.  Best course of action at this early stage is to provide resources that will best allow him to properly develop his skill set, strength and speed & agility and allow him to continue to play against the best competition he can, but where he gets plenty of PT.  He has some tools but to what extent they will be developed and how well he learns to use them will ultimately determine what level he can play.  

Start developing a target school list based on other things that you and he may already know... Does he have a desired major?  Does family budget dictate in-state state schools?  Is there a strong preference toward religious, non-religious environment?  Does he flourish better in big school or small?  Big city or country?  etc.

Forget about the "actually should be a 2023" thought process.  It is what it is and no one will care going forward.  Either he is a player or not.  

Because he is involved in travel, he will get bombarded with camp invites.  Many colleges are getting very good at making them look personalized.  Simple.  Have him call the coaches and ask about specifics they like about him and where they see him fitting in the program.  No response or courteous generalizations will tell you what you need to know.  Be aware that camps are 98% there as money makers for the program and volunteer coaches.  Generally, camps are most effective for the player only as a follow-up to already established dialog with a school.  There can be rare exceptions if you show up with a big tool bag.

As he develops his skill set and starts to define his target schools, utilize qualified advocates to both guide him to the proper level and speak on his behalf to targeted schools.  Continue to play in events and showcases, choosing them carefully based on the likely audience.

Meanwhile, be sure that he and you both fully enjoy the HS experience.  Don't be so consumed with the recruiting process that you let that special time get by you.

60 time necessary is a bit of a sliding scale, depending on position, power numbers, etc., but you are right to put some extra focus on improving that area.  That said, if his arm strength continues to be the best tool and he ultimately ends up as a P in college, the 60 matters a whole lot less.