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Reply to "#LetthemplayCA"

@TPM posted:

With over 1/10th  of the county's population with confirmed cases, and over 8k cases reported yesterday, hospitals turning away patients because they are are full, how can they open schools and allow organized sports?

It's out of control. Seriously.

If you want support, what are you and others doing to help stop the spread?

I  hear you. And maybe the new variants are contagious enough to keep the state shut down. But as I posted on another thread, here are the facts to date:

- zero evidence for on-field transmission in both baseball and softball. The MLB and Athletes Unlimited did not have a single case of on-field transmission during the months that they played. Compare this with, say, hockey, which was shut down on the East Coast due to rapid spread via indoor play, cold air, low humidity and low airflow.

- fomite transmission is vanishingly small to non-existent. Someone with covid would have to sneeze or cough directly onto the bat or ball or some other surface, which would have to be touched immediately by a player, coach, or umpire, who would then have to quickly touch one of their mucous membranes. It just hasn't happened.

- sunlight degrades the virus, although it is not as effective as masks and distancing

- CA's case rate is not substantially below that of neighboring states, which have continually allowed youth sports. ** (paywall) (data is from Johns Hopkins. Here are the relevant parts: Cases per 100k of population: UT: 10446, AZ: 9859, NV: 8756, CA: 7964, OR: 3244 as of 1/23/21)

**This I think it the biggest reason why not playing ball in CA makes no sense.

Overall, very little evidence that baseball/softball play is a problem.

With many teams now traveling beyond CA to compete, the exact opposite behavior of what a 'stay at home' order is intended to encourage, one could argue that playing sports locally, with mandatory mask use and enforced social distancing for fans is a better, safer solution than the current blanket ban.

So, let the kids play!

PS - not that it matters, because facts are facts, but our immediate family contains a doctor who is on the front lines. We also had an elderly relative pass away last Fall from covid. We still think the kids should play.